DBNKD! Moar gunz = fewer shootings

This is actually a really simple one, in many ways.

Throwing a bullet or using a slingshot or miniature trebuchet or whatever lame idea hoplophiles will try to use on this sentence doesn’t cause serious injuries and deaths.

And every single shooting has one very important characteristic in common.

There has to be a gun.

No gun= no shootings. Moar gunz = moar shootings.

Please see this handy, concise, and helpful chart, courtesy of vox.com, Mother Jones, Injury Prevention magazine, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

To summarize this data, states with lower gun ownership have lower rates of gun deaths, and states with higher gun ownership have higher rates of gun deaths.

A chart based on CDC data clearly showing that more guns equals more shootings, state-by-state