Henceforth and for all time, Trump’s wall shall be known as “douchehenge”

“Well, Don the fundamental promise is ‘I will keep the brown people away from you.’ The modality is. ‘I will build a wall. Mexico will pay for it.’

“There is no wall. There is no funding for a wall. He’s got these four pieces of concrete, sample sections in California, which I call Douchehenge. It’s a symbol for these people, these suckers that believe the wall is real. It’s already half done, showing the picture of a fence today, there will be people that will say, that’s the wall, it’s being built, it’s there.

“This is an alternate reality bubble. This is a key promise to his base. This is something he can’t walk away from, the desperation of that made me feel like he is trying to woo Ann Coulter back into his loving arms.

“It was an astounding weak moment from a guy, he’s so loose with the truth to begin with that it seems pathetic.”